As the world grapples with the fallout of COVID-19, it is clear that working from home / remote collaboration is going to increase.

Bondle is here to help you maintain your trusted relationship with the team, clients, Board members and other stakeholders even when you cannot meet them in person.

Bondle is a secure platform that has in-built messaging, document and task management functionalities.  As compared to internal collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, Bondle is a single tool that will help you collaborate internally and externally on a single platform.

The power of Bondle

The strongest use case of Bondle is when you are involved in a document or task intensive discussion with people outside your organisation. 

Bondle has a rich functionality set with in-built folder structures, version control, document encryption, messaging, task management, templates, broadcast and much more to suit your professional needs.

Our most powerful feature is the Audit History – every key activity on the platform is time stamped providing the basis for building trusted relationships.

    How Bondle will benefit you?

     Here are some of the benefits our users have expressed:

    • Ability to connect with any person outside your domain instantly
    • A single place to capture all interactions related to a topic (A conversation)
    • Removes the need to search long email chains or search for the latest version of documents
    • Manage documents in a structured way through folder structures & version control
    • Ensures all stakeholders are updated instantly
    • Provides an audit trail of all key activities in perpetuity

    How to get started?

    Bondle is free to get started.  Follow three simple steps to begin your journey:

    1. Sign up to Bondle by clicking here
    2. Start a conversation and invite anyone with just their email id
    3. Once the participants join, begin remote collaboration on a secure platform

    Should you have any queries, please feel to reach us at

    Ready To Get Started?

    Bondle provides a secure platform for conversations related to high trust, long term relationships. Our easy to use application delivers clarity while boosting productivity. Learn more…

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