Bondle for Migration Agents

An end-to-end client engagement solution for migration agents and lawyers

Manage relationships, not just cases

We understand that migration consultants deal with people who are undergoing a major change in their life. Bondle will ease anxieties and provide transparency to your clients on what to expect in the journey to a new destination. Group conversation enables every person involved in the process to remain up-to-date on the status of the application.

Be compliant without breaking a sweat

Every interaction between you and your client is time stamped in our comprehensive Audit History. You will have all the proof points of having done “the right thing” by your client – automatically. We will store your documents & interactions for as long as you need, not just seven years as mandated by most regulators.

World class document management system

Confidential and sensitive documents are part of your everyday business. Our robust document management system offers:

  • Dual encryption of all documents
  • Version control
  • Document Assurance
  • File notes
  • Detailed folder structures

Check the BENEFITS page for more information about Bondle’s benefits and differentiation

"Bondle has been fantastic for our business, giving us a central point of communication with our clients. We love using the Tasks segment to give our clients visibility on what needs to be completed and we can also provide individual direction for various forms and topics as required."

Christopher Pitt, Founder and Managing Director of Hubmigration

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Bondle provides a secure platform for conversations related to high trust, long term relationships. Our easy to use application delivers clarity while boosting productivity. Learn more…

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