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Bondle strengthens bonds between Advisers & Clients


Stay on track with Tasks & Milestones

Give your clients peace of mind with transparent tasks and milestones. Since tasks are paired to clients and conversations, everyone can keep track of progress easily. In a complex and highly regulated industry, it’s a smart way to stay organized and compliant .

Provide transparency, lower compliance costs

All major activities on Bondle are time stamped.  This means, your clients know you have nothing to hide and everything is traceable. At audit time, print the entire history through just a couple of clicks, saving time and money.


Manage key documents securely

Bondle’s robust document management module features version control, file notes, sharing and more. Be it a SOA, ROA, FSG or PDS – documents are easy to find when linked contextually to a conversation rather than being messily spread across emails.

Streamline client relationships

Bondle is a portal for your clients that integrates messaging, documents, and tasks and is easily accessible across all devices. Everything is securely stored in one place. When you are always on the same page, you build trust for healthy long term client relationships.

Client collaboration, streamlined


Integrated communication

When messages, document sharing and task management are in one place, you and your clients are always on the same page. It’s efficiency and transparency that builds lasting client relationships.

A happy marriage of convenience and utility

Experience the benefits of a unified system to communicate, collaborate and achieve outcomes. Say goodbye to multiple systems for managing your professional interactions.

Reduce client stress - and your compliance costs

When your key customer interactions live (securely) in one place, everyone breathes easier. Your clients always know what’s going on and your compliance team doesn’t waste time chasing paper trails.

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Bondle offers an end-to-end client engagement solution for businesses, both small and large. Our easy to use advanced software eliminates most of the paper based processes, maximises productivity and increases your clients’ satisfaction. Learn more...

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