Manage your fiduciary duties effortlessly

Deliver tangible trust along with your financial service aided by Bondle.

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Trust is key in FinTech

People trust you with their money, so it is not just important to deliver trust on a tangible platform – it is your fiduciary obligation. With Bondle you have:

  • A highly secure environment
  • A platform that provides a single version of the shared truth
  • An application that your clients can access anytime, anywhere

Document Vault

Confidential and sensitive documents are part of every financial transaction. Our robust document management system offers:

  • Dual encryption of all documents
  • Version control
  • Document Assurance
  • File notes
  • Detailed folder structures

Provide transparency while lowering compliance costs

Along with managing your clients, you have a reporting duty to the compliance auditors as well as the regulator. 

On Bondle, all major activities are time stamped and available as an easy to download PDF.  This means, your clients know you have nothing to hide and everything is traceable. At audit time, print the entire history through just a couple of clicks, saving time and money.

Check the BENEFITS page for more information about Bondle’s benefits and differentiation

"Bondle eliminates much of the friction in the investment process. I can see the emerging dialogue with potential investees. I now know where the key document are and where we are up to in the investment process. Linking documents, teams and activities to conversation is driving better results, for all."

Richard Cawsey, Founder and Managing Partner of Denali Ventures

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