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Centre Directors and Staff at Early Education institutions love Bondle for it’s efficiency and simplicity. 

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Sharing Rosters has never been this easy

We understand sharing rosters with the staff and in particular, keeping it up-to-date is a challenge for even the most efficient managers.  As circumstances change, you want everyone to be updated so as to ensure the right staff turn up for work on the right days.

With Bondle, EVERYONE has easy and ready access to the latest version of the roster, even on mobile devices.

Effectively Manage your Centre’s Policies

Managing policies and ensuring your staff have access to it is an important aspect of every Early Education Centre Director.

  • No more remembering who has signed the policy
  • No more filing away papers in folders

Welcome to the digital world, where you upload the policies onto Bondle in a structured manner with folders. When your staff access it, our Audit History provides you with the necessary evidence from a compliance perspective.

Holistic Child Care Centre Management

The pressures of handling a centres activities is not for the faint hearted. Bondle is designed to ease some of your workload. 

  • Assign Tasks to staff so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Stay on top of your finances, Quality programs or kitchen matters through clear structured conversations
  • Manage special projects or even your P&C discussions 

Bondle takes the frustration of managing information across multiple platforms and allows you to focus on what is most important – the children and the staff.

Implementation Process

You can get up and running on Bondle in just a few hours.  Our customer success team will on-board you with minimum inputs.  You do not need large IT infrastructure or teams to implement / manage Bondle.  You can get started with just your smartphone and a browser.

"One of the many benefits of Bondle is the peace of mind as we know that things are being done. Set the task, set a deadline, attached the document...all in one place."

Paul LudlowOwner / Director, Early Learning Centre, Explore & Develop Castlereagh Street

Check the BENEFITS page for more information about Bondle’s benefits and differentiation

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