Bondle is a platform designed for business communication that keeps discussions,

decisions, and documents at your fingertips.


Simplify Communication

Topic Organization

Organize conversations across stakeholders by topic. Perfect for managing complex projects.

Built-In Messaging

Communicate with internal and external stakeholders in one cross-device, intuitive messaging interface.


Send messages and files across stakeholder groups and conversations, with read receipts to track views.


Enhance Productivity

Document Management

Store, share, and manage documents for effortless retrieval at any time

Task Management

Enhance accountability for you and your collaborators. Assign and track tasks by date and priority.

Process Templates

Create templates for your recurring business processes, with custom tasks and milestones.


Increase Transparency

My Drive

Store, manage, and access personal documents across all your devices using the My Drive feature.


Automatically archive all interactions; discussions and documents can never be altered or deleted.

Security & Privacy

Enterprise-level security protects users from external attacks, privilege abuse, and data theft.

Feature Spotlight

The Bondle Email Bridge

Worried about having to onboard your business stakeholders to yet another communication platform? With Bondle, you won’t have to! The Bondle Email Bridge allows you to communicate with stakeholders via their existing email platform. In its simplest form, the bridge works as follows:

    • When you send a message through Bondle, collaborators will receive it as an email.
    • When you load a document to Bondle, it will also send it to collaborators via a secure email.

    • When collaborators reply to the email, the content will be extracted and inserted into the Bondle app conversation.  Any attachments will be automatically uploaded into the Document section of the app. 

      Bondle provides a secure platform for conversations related to high trust, long term relationships. Our easy to use application delivers clarity while boosting productivity. LEARN MORE

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