What is Bondle?

The perfect tool for document or task intensive business conversations

Conversations – the natural way to organise your life

Link your documents, tasks and communications to conversations as you build high trust long term relationships

All the Features in a Nutshell

The only professional tool your business will ever need.


In-built messaging

Collaborate with groups or set up personal interactions – it’s pretty simple. Manage your communications through our intuitive messaging interface across all devices.


Document Management

Our rich document management system allows you to store, share and manage your documents. Everyone in a conversation will access a single source of truth that is undeletable.


Tasks Management

Manage your tasks related to any conversation. Set priority, due dates and assign responsibilities. Never let a deadline slip and expect the same from others in your conversations.

Message Topics

Create topics within each conversation to track different threads of discussion. When you have multiple people involved in complex projects, this becomes a very handy tool.

Process Templates

Create fully customisable templates for your specific business process.  The milestones and tasks framework provide a basis for a shared understanding of responsibilities in complex processes.

Governance framework

Our Audit History ensures every key aspect of your conversation is time-stamped and all the information is available forever, making Bondle suitable for even the most regulated industries. 


Broadcast is a functionality that allows you to publish a message or a document across multiple conversations. Handy analytics keeps you updated about documents your audience has seen or hasn’t.

My Drive

Store and manage your key documents such as brochures, forms, presentations  in your personal space called My Drive.  You can now access this on any of your devices or move it into live conversations.


Enterprise-grade Security

Our enterprise-level security protects the users from any kind of external attacks, privilege abuse and data theft

"Bondle is a great tool to keep on top of project management, communication, sharing documentation and setting tasks across the various groups and individuals that I am working for and with. Every new client that I bring on board, picks it up with ease and comments on how much easier it is to manage communication through Bondle."

– Clare Macintosh, Founder

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