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Securely organise PROJECTS
Securely organise your
Securely organise PROJECTS
Securely organise your
Securely organise PROJECTS
Securely organise your
Securely organise PROJECTS
Securely organise your

Get Stuff Done

No spam. No distractions. No lost documents. No missed deadlines


Effective Collaboration

Say goodbye to messy email threads, lost documents and missed deadlines. Organise and structure your relationship and deliver a single version of the shared truth ubiquitously.


Enhanced Productivity

Provide context to documents and tasks by linking them to conversations.  The team is then focussed on delivering results and not getting up to speed or finding documents.  It is efficiency and transparency, transcending staff transitions.


Highly Secure

Dual encryption of documents, security certification by independent auditors and much more.  What’s more, every key activity is time stamped delivering an un paralleled environment of trust and fidelity.

Organise your life, in one place

Do you:

  • Drown in emails? 
  • Find it difficult to get up to speed when working on multiple projects?
  • Feel frustrated trying to find the latest version of a document?
  • Find yourself communicating on the same topic across multiple apps?

Build Stronger Relationships

Communication is the foundation of stronger, better relationships.

  • Bondle helps you manage the high trust relationships by integrating messages, tasks and documents in one single easy to use application.
  • Organise your key relationships (clients, cases, deals, projects, etc.,) as a conversation and provide context and structure for all involved

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Useful Articles, Industry Best Practices & Case Studies.

"We at the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) are using Bondle as an effective technology for committee communication. We have experienced a reduction in email traffic and can share information faster. Bondle is simple to use and seamlessly links the communication and documents with good context."

–– Alexandra Voss , Managing Director

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Bondle provides a secure platform for conversations related to high trust, long term relationships. Our easy to use application delivers clarity while boosting productivity. Learn more...

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