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Questions About Pricing?

The perfect tool for document or task intensive business conversations.

How does Bondle pricing work?

Bondle works on a software as a service (SaaS) basis. That is, the price is per licence, per month. You can start with our “Prime” user license for free by simply downloading the Bondle app on your mobile device or signing up through the web version. Our “Pro” version is for the mature user who manages multiple professional relationships and understands the value of increased transparency and efficiency in those relationships. The “Company” version is for teams of such professionals. 

What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your Bondle subscription, we will refund the balance amount that is outstanding as of the termination date. A copy of your documents can be provided to you for a fee. 

What happens when there is turnover in my staff?

Staff transitions are one scenario where the value of Bondle becomes truly apparent. You can simply assign a new staff member to your existing client cases, and they will immediately have access to the full client history: all interactions, documents, discussions, and activities. Neither you nor your client will waste time having to bring the new staff member up to speed. 

As a subscriber, what level of customer support can I expect?

We offer comprehensive customer support for any question or issue you may have! During office hours, you can reach us at +61 45 BONDLE 8 (0452 663 538). We are also available 24/7 at

If you are a “Pro” or “Company” subscriber, you can also request a training session during system setup. In addition, we will provide you with a comprehensive, screen-by-screen user guide to get you and your team started.

Bondle is a platform to interact confidently with your professional network. It unifies emails, messages, documents, tasks, e-signatures, and more to reduce search anxiety and increase your productive zen. LEARN MORE

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