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Simplify Board meetings

  • Clarity on all aspects of a Board meeting from Agenda, to Board packs to Minutes
  • Ensure quality asynchronous discussions prior to the Board meeting
  • Get up to speed on the status of critical matters from previous interactions
  • Personal notes to help you structure your thoughts for the meeting

Efficient Communications

  • Connect Directors, Corporate Secretary and Executives across ecosystems
  • Avoid long drawn and often confusing email chains
  • A simple messaging interface connecting everyone across any device
  • Unique Topics helps create multiple threads of discussions


A rich document management solution

  • A secure, central repository for all your documentation
  • Version control ensures you can easily access the latest version of every document
  • Comprehensive folder structure for organising submissions from different departments
  • File notes provide an opportunity for true offline collaboration between all parties involved

A robust Governance framework

  • A platform that fosters transparency and accountability
  • Immutable activity data provides a full audit log of all key activities
  • Evidence of document access to ensure everyone has read all critical information
  • Tasks module provides a perfect place for capturing the Action items coming out of the Board meetings

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Collaboration, streamlined


Integrated communication

When messages, document sharing and task management are in one place, you and your colleagues are always on the same page. It’s efficiency and transparency that allows for smooth Board operations.

A happy marriage of convenience and utility

Experience the benefits of a unified system to communicate, collaborate and achieve outcomes. Say goodbye to multiple systems for managing your professional interactions.

Stress free interaction management

When your key interactions live (securely) in one place, everyone breathes easier. Everyone will always know what’s going on and the expectations for the business.

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