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Introducing our revolutionary new feature

The Bondle Email Bridge

We have made it easy for you to communicate with people in your network who are on emails. 

When you send them a message / document from Bondle it will be sent out as an email.  When they reply, it will come back into your specific Bondle conversation.

No integration, No Setup, No installations – It’s free and ready for you to use right out of the box.

Get Stuff Done

No spam. No distractions. No lost documents. No missed deadlines.


YOU are the Focus

Most platforms make you a part of the company’s internal setup.

In Bondle, YOU are the centre of your universe – allowing you to build a network around you. Interact with people inside and outside your company on a single platform.


YOU experience Zen

Most platforms promote an “Always ON” culture – that little green dot…

Bondle promotes offline collaboration. Work on what’s important for you, at your pace. You will feel in control – a calm Zen!


YOU feel Confident

Most platforms are great for transient chat.

Bondle is for important & meaningful interactions. Our intense focus on security, privacy & audibility means you will always feel confident.

Organise your life, in one place

Do you:

  • Drown in emails? 
  • Find it difficult to get up to speed when working on multiple projects?
  • Feel frustrated trying to find the latest version of a document?
  • Find yourself communicating on the same topic across multiple apps?

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The impact of COVID on HOA management

The impact of COVID on HOA management

Over the past two years, we’ve been struck by a pandemic that has significantly impacted all levels of our society. Shelter-in-place orders placed by COVID-19 resulted in unprecedented change and a drastic shift in everyday operations for almost all homeowners associations (HOAs) and homeowners.

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Top Five HOA Communication Best Practices

Top Five HOA Communication Best Practices

A key challenge for HOAs is to streamline the various interactions that happen between Board, Management company, Vendors, Residents and Tenants. Know how Bondle will streamline communications and reduce frustration amongst all stakeholders.

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See some of our customer’s stories

Bondle provides a secure & central environment for our clients to access their entire relationship with us rather than being inundated with emails. PreceptsGroup expects to reap significant productivity gains internally and increased client satisfaction driven through innovative and proven technology.

Chiwi Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Precepts Group Singapore

One of the many benefits of Bondle is the peace of mind as we know that things are being done. Set the task, set a deadline, attached the document…all in one place.

Paul Ludlow

Owner / Director, Early Learning Centre, Explore & Develop Castlereagh Street

Bondle has been fantastic for our business, giving us a central point of communication with our clients. We love using the Tasks segment to give our clients visibility on what needs to be completed and we can also provide individual direction for various forms and topics as required.

Christopher Pitt

Founder and Managing Director, Hubmigration

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