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Conduct your professional communications on a secure platform that is designed for businesses… not just any chat app.

Bondle app

Why Bondle is better than other messaging Apps?

Messaging Apps are great for personal and transient chats.  However, Bondle is specifically designed for managing critical business relationships with many differentiating features as outlined below.

Bondle is designed for secure business collaboration

We offer the User Interface of a messaging tool with enterprise grade security, making it very easy for you get started. 

In addition to Messaging, some of the salient features are:

1. Document management system with dual encryption, folder structure, versioning and more

2. Audit History that time stamps all critical activities

3. Tasks module with reminders

Structure your business discussions on Bondle.

"We at the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) are using Bondle as an effective technology for committee communication. We have experienced a reduction in email traffic and can share information faster. Bondle is simple to use and seamlessly links the communication and documents with good context."

–– Alexandra Voss , Managing Director

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