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Bondle is available on your choice of web browser or mobile device, let you stay connected and in control of your worlds.
Whether for professional, personal or social interactions, our aim is to bring your worlds together.

The conversation!

You get started when you join or start a New Conversation.
Each conversation starts with a rich, meaningful conversation title such as “Bondle - ABC Marketing Reports” or “Marie + Andy General Sales”, you can build a readily findable structured list of important interactions.

Get your team in the conversation
With Bondle up and running and a conversation started, invite your team to collaborate and contribute. With the ability to add as many people as you want, you’re well on your way to a whole new way of interacting without boundaries.

Get tagging
Tag your conversations to get organised. By Tagging a conversation you can group conversations aligned to your world. Some conversations might be for Boards, Executives, Marketing, Tennis, Personal Tag, or anything you like. Once a conversation is tagged, finding, interacting, staying up to date, or recalling old interactions can be done at the click of a button.

Why search when you just know!


Topics are
your friends

Despite each conversation being made with a specific subject in mind, different topics will always arise. While locating a past message can sometimes be complicated, you can use the “Assign Topic” option to make the search that much simpler.

Unique features

With your workspace created and your team members added, take your organisation skills to the next level.

Security: - all messages are sent and shared within an encrypted system to keep your information secure.

Auditable Workspace – there is a detailed record of what is shared and said and by which participant.

At a Glance – Seeing who is part of the conversation drives confidence and trust.

Asset rich

Conversations in Bondle are just the beginning. When you start sharing documents and making use of our tools, work becomes that much smoother.

Share documents
You can share files in all your conversations and rename them in just a few clicks. You can view documents directly through Bondle and place them in whatever folders you like. Wherever you can access Bondle, your files are just a click away.

Document preview and hover
See the contents of a file anywhere without opening it. Often, we just want to know what’s in the file, not the details. With Bondle’s new Preview and Hover features, you can see the document, photo, image, etc. without touching it.

Version history
While making changes is great, sometimes you want to go back to what you had before. Bondle maintains version history for each document, meaning you’ll always have access to all previous versions.


Tasks in
an instant!

Bondle provides immediate access to everything you need from wherever you are, letting you get things done hassle-free.

Assign tasks from anywhere
Create a task as a message and assign it to others in the conversation with a single click. You can also set priority, due date, additional comments, and files to help move things along.

Visualize team productivity
With the task section view and filter any Tasks, whether they have been created for you or you have created for others, making it easy to monitor productivity and accountability.

Transparent progress
With Bondle, the whole team can view task progress, tasks closed and more to keep everyone in the loop.

Work anywhere
with your mobile

You can easily send
voice notes in
your conversations

Just press the microphone icon to record and send when you’re finished.
Even better, you can name the note to let you know what the voice note is about.

Send photos

You can take photos instantly and send them directly to your conversations.

Simplify your work life.

with speed!

Bondle makes it easy to say goodbye to complicated logistics and hoop-jumping to get work done.

Annotations where you need them
This tool allows you to annotate your documents, making it simple to leave comments or instructions as you need.

Sign digitally
Open any file uploaded to Bondle and you can use the e-Signature tool to sign and place your signature anywhere.

Always ready to sign
You can store your e-Signature in Bondle to ensure you have access to it at all times and for quick and easy use directly within Bondle.


Bulk messaging
with broadcasts

Sometimes you need to share the same information across many relationships. If you are an accountant and need to remind your 80 clients it’s tax time or a school with 90 parents whose kids are about to go on an excursion, getting everyone the same message at the same time, KNOWING they will get the message is a must. We call this a Bondle Broadcast.

Mass messaging
In just a few steps, you can get your messages or files to everyone you need with our BROADCASTS option. Simply create a group, choose the message or file to send, add a group of recipients, set the subject line, and your message will be delivered to every conversation you need.

Flexible messaging
Whether we like it or not, errors and mistakes in messages are always a risk, which is why after you’ve sent a message, Bondle gives you a 10-minute window to make any changes before it’s automatically sent.

Message analytics The BROADCASTS option doesn’t just let you send mass messages, files, and correct mistakes. It also gives you the statistics you need to measure the effectiveness of your messaging, such as the number of participants who open your files.

Are you ready to change the way you work and interact?

Join Bondle and show your network how productive they can be!

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