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Bondle is a platform designed for business communication that keeps discussions, decisions, and documents at your fingertips. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who serve external clients, allowing for clear, efficient, and secure collaboration.

Deliver Amazing Customer Service

Providing high-quality, reliable service is the cornerstone of your business. With Bondle, you can:

  • Streamline client and staff onboarding. 
  • Organize, share, and access all client documentation on one platform. 
  • Use task templates to manage your frequent business processes. 
  • Set reminders and assign tasks so you and your team never miss a client deadline.

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Robust Document Management

Confidential and sensitive documents are part of your everyday business. At the same time, you need to be able to access documents at a moment’s notice. Our robust document management system gives you complete control over your critical client documentation, from yesterday or years ago.


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Seamless Staff Transitions

Changes in staff are inevitable. However, if your business is built on long-term client relationships, onboarding new client managers can be precarious.

With Bondle, your relationship with clients is always secure during staff transitions! New staff added to the platform will have access to all of the client’s current and historic discussions, documents, and activities, ensuring continuity of service.


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A Top-Rated Business App

What are users saying about Bondle?
Bondle provides a secure & central environment for our clients to access their entire relationship with us rather than being inundated with emails. PreceptsGroup expects to reap significant productivity gains internally and increased client satisfaction driven through innovative and proven technology.

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Bondle provides a secure platform for conversations related to high trust, long term relationships. Our easy to use application delivers clarity while boosting productivity. LEARN MORE

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