Childcare & Early Childhood Education Centres

Bondle is a platform designed for business communication that keeps discussions, decisions, and documents at your fingertips. It is ideal for childcare and early childhood education centres, allowing centre directors and staff to securely, efficiently communicate with each other and the families they serve. 

Sharing Rosters Has Never Been Easier

Keeping rosters up-to-date and sharing them with staff is a challenge for even the most efficient centre managers. With Bondle, everyone has immediate access to the latest version of the roster on their computer or mobile device.

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Effectively Manage Your Centre’s Policies

Managing policy documents, incident reports, and liability forms is critical to your childcare centre. Are you still printing and filing hard copies? 

With Bondle, you can disseminate and archive all documents digitally. Bondle tracks when users open documents, so you’ll know that your stakeholders have received them. 

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Manage Your Time Efficiently

The pressures of managing a childcare or early childhood education centre are not for the faint of heart. Bondle’s task management feature helps ease your workload. Assign and track tasks to your staff so nothing slips through the cracks. 

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Effortless Implementation

It’s easy to get up and running on Bondle! Our customer success team can onboard you and your staff in just a few hours, with minimal effort on your part. All your staff will need is a web browser.  


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One of the many benefits of Bondle is the peace of mind as we know that things are being done. Set the task, set a deadline, attached the document…all in one place.

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