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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bondle pricing work?

Bondle works on a software as a service basis. You can start with our “Bondle Prime” user license by simply downloading the app on your mobile device or signing up through the web version.  We offer the entire feature set for free in the Base package.

What will happen if I decide to cancel my subscription with Bondle?

We will refund the balance amount outstanding as of the termination date. A copy of your documents can be provided to you for a fee.

What happens if there is turnover in my staff?

This is a scenario where the power of Bondle becomes truly apparent.  You can just assign the new staff to existing conversations and they can see the full history of interaction with the client at a go.  This means, neither you nor your client will have to spend time in bringing the new staff up to speed.

What is the level of customer support I can expect?

We offer a comprehensive customer support that you can depend on:

  1. During office hours, you can reach us at +61 45 BONDLE 8 (+61 452 663 538).
  2. You can also contact us 24×7 via
  3. We provide you with a comprehensive screen-by-screen user guide

Do you run marketing ads with my data?

We will never spam you, sell your data or run any marketing campaigns. You can work in a zen environment with no distractions. We earn our living by providing Value Added Services to businesses

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you are ready to upgrade from the Base package to setting up a team, contact us and we will help you upgrade to the Team package.

How does white labeling work?

We offer an option to white label your conversations. You can provide access to your clients to Bondle through your website via a “Client Login” portal interface.  

Will my clients need to pay anything?

No, your clients will not need to pay for any services since your subscription covers everything you need.
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"Bondle is a great tool to keep on top of project management, communication, sharing documentation and setting tasks across the various groups and individuals that I am working for and with. Every new client that I bring on board, picks it up with ease and comments on how much easier it is to manage communication through Bondle."

– Clare Macintosh, Founder of The Design Nature

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