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Bondle is a unique solution that replaces the clutter of managing your interactions across Emails, Chat Apps, Document Storage solutions and To-do lists.

Sports associations such as NSFA (Northern Suburbs Football Association) is using Bondle to streamline their internal and club interactions.

Some of the key areas where we drive efficiencies are: 

1. Manage multiple conversations

Interact and update club members, volunteers, and stakeholders instantly, ensuring that the message reaches the right audience. 

2. Document Management

Disseminate and archive all documents digitally. Bondle tracks when users open documents so you’ll know that your stakeholders have received them. 

3. Incident Management

Managing the club’s incident reports are your topmost priority. With Bondle, you can find any report in seconds.

4. Volunteer and club members interactions

Volunteer and all other members’ interactions are efficiently performed in Bondle. All that is needed is a mobile phone or a web browser.

Watch this explainer video to understand us better!

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