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Bondle is the platform for confident interactions. Many HOAs, POAs and Stratas are successfully using Bondle to manage communications and reduce risk. Bondle allows homeowners’ association (HOA) administrators to effortlessly manage their HOA boards, properties, and communities from one intuitive app.

Kailesh Karavadra uses Bondle to manage communication within the large Homeowners’ Association where he serves on the board. Bondle streamlines all levels of communication, resulting in a comprehensive system of record, increased accountability leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Some of the key areas where we drive efficiencies are:

1. Board Management:

Manage all current and historic board papers (charters, agendas, board packets, and minutes) in one place—and retrieve them at a moment’s notice.

2. CC&R Notifications, Fines and Approvals:  

Bondle makes CC&R (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) management easy. Use Bondle to disseminate and archive all documents digitally. Bondle tracks when users open documents, so you’ll know they’ve been received.  

3. Contractor & Subcontractor Management: 

Build trust and eliminate confusing email chains. Sign contracts using the Bondle “Annotations” feature. All activities are time-stamped and permanently archived. Discussions, actions, and documents can never be edited or deleted.

4. Neighborhood Broadcasts:

Seamlessly connect board of director members, HOA administrators, and HOA members. Bondle makes it easy to send a broadcast to all HOA members. Unlike email, Bondle broadcasts don’t end up in Spam or Promotions folders.

5. Neighborhood Watch:

Efficiently manage neighbourhood watch groups using Bondle’s secure platform. Enterprise-level security protects users from external attacks, privilege abuse, and data theft. Communication via Bondle is more secure than email and protects users from SPAM. 

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