How Bondle helps ELC’s and OOSH’s

Bondle for ELC

Bondle is a unique solution that replaces the clutter of managing your communications across Emails, Chat Apps, Document Storage solutions and To-do lists.

Many ELC’s and OOSH’s are successfully using Bondle to drive productivity in their centre communications while simultaneously reducing business risk.

Some of the key areas where we drive efficiencies are: 

1. Roster Sharing

Immediate access to the latest version of the roster on your computer or mobile device.

2. Policy Sharing

Disseminate and archive all documents digitally. Bondle tracks when users open documents so you’ll know that your stakeholders have received them. 

3. Incident Management

Managing the centre’s incident reports are your topmost priority. With Bondle, you can find any report in seconds.

4. Staff Communications

Staff communication is efficiently done in Bondle. All your staff will need is a mobile phone or a web browser.

Tanisha Gingerich, the Owner of Craniums Early Learning Center, uses Bondle to manage communications with teachers, administrators, and parents. Bondle helped Tanisha and her staff save hours of time weekly and eliminated issues caused by missed emails and confusing email chains. Watch to learn how Bondle increased efficiency and streamlined communications for this Early Learning Center (ELC).

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