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Bondle is the platform for confident interactions. Many cleaning and maintenance services are successfully using Bondle to manage communications with customers as well as staff and subcontractors. Bondle allows cleaners, gardeners, landscapers, home service providers, home contractors and handymen to effortlessly manage their small businesses from one intuitive app.

Miriam Marin is the director of NSCG Cleaning and Maintenance, which services commercial, residential, office and construction properties. Over the years, NSCG has lost revenue due to inefficient audit trails and unclear communications with customers about payments and deals. That all changed when she found Bondle.

Bondle streamlines all levels of communication, resulting in a comprehensive system of record, increased accountability leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Some of the key areas where we drive efficiencies are:

1. Customer Communications:

Manage last-minute customer requests on-the-go using the Bondle app. Bondle makes it easy to inform customers about issues and to share photos of completed work or work-in-progress. Bondle tracks when users open documents or viewed photos, so you’ll know that your customers have received them

 2. Simplify Contracts & Eliminate Billing Disputes:

Build trust and eliminate confusing email chains. Sign contracts using the Bondle “Annotations” feature. All activities are time-stamped and permanently archived. Discussions and documents can never be edited or deleted.

3. Document Storage:

Bondle keeps discussions, decisions, and documents at your fingertips. All customer cleaning and maintenance plans as well as important documents like insurance policies are stored in easy-to-access folders.

4. Employee & Subcontractor Management:

Bondle’s task management feature helps ease your workload. Assign and track tasks to your staff so nothing slips through the cracks.

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