Driving Efficiencies in Board Governance

Bondle is a platform for Directors, Company Secretary and Management to securely collaborate


Bondle empowers Boards

  • Manage all Board Documents in one place – Charters, Agenda, Board packs and Minutes
  • Facilitate quality asynchronous discussions prior to the Board meeting
  • Our Tasks module provides a perfect place for capturing the Action items coming out of the Board meetings

Collaborative Communication

  • Seamlessly connect Directors, Company Secretary and Executives across email domains
  • Avoid long drawn and often confusing email chains to discuss sensitive matters
  • A simple and intuitive interface across all devices ensures swift delivery of critical information

Governance & Transparency

  • All key activities are time stamped in our unique Audit History providing full transparency and audit-ability
  • Capture the relevant action items in appropriate tasks drives accountability
  • Boards can now operate more efficiently focussing on strategic priorities

"Redbubble implemented Bondle for efficiency of communications between directors and executives - and management of company secretarial workstreams. By managing messages, documents and task all in one place we are experiencing a significant increase in productivity."

– Paul Gordon, In-house Counsel

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