Kailesh, a Board member at an HOA in San Francisco says “One of the challenges you find with a large HOA community is that often communications are done via email or VM’s left in the office. What COVID did for us was to really highlight that we don’t have people sitting in the offices where somebody, a homeowner could walk in and go see them and be able to deal with things. A lot of things are remote.”

The Bondle research reveals that Kailesh is not alone.  HOA Boards and management companies are adapting to the new normal.  Good communication has always been the foundation of any effective HOA and without clear and effective lines of communication, conflicts amongst HOA members over HOA rules, dues, assessments, and services will arise.  This is now being exacerbated with COVID and is unlikely to go away any time soon.

A key challenge for HOAs is to streamline the various interactions that happen between Board, Management companies, Vendors, Residents and Tenants.  In this article, we outline five ways how Bondle will streamline communications and reduce frustration amongst all stakeholders.

1. Streamline Board Meetings: 

Since HOA board members are typically volunteers, they may have limited time to spend on the Board matters. HOA matters are interspersed with their day job and personal life.  This means it is imperative for them to get up to speed quickly.

Bondle allows HOAs to structure their Board matters in an easy to understand and use environment.  Documents such as agendas, minutes, Board papers, etc., can be circulated using Bondle prior to each meeting. You can easily see who has accessed board documents, so you will know that board members are prepared and ready to vote on key issues rather than wasting time during meetings.

2. Clearly Communicate Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs):

Bondle makes CC&R (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) management easy. Use Bondle to disseminate and digitally archive all CC&R documents. Bondle tracks when users open documents, so you will know they have been received. This reduces disputes over CC&R enforcement and fines since there is an audit trail showing homeowners received and read the CC&Rs.

3. Do Not Get Caught in SPAM:

When homeowners do not receive the information they need, they can feel frustrated and left out. Bondle makes it easy to send a broadcast to all HOA members. Unlike email, Bondle broadcasts don’t do not end up in Spam or Promotions folders.

4. Make Important Files and Records Easily Accessible:

With Bondle, you’ll you will be able to access documents from any device, so there is no more digging through email or filing cabinets for important information. The Bondle platform provides a centralized location where all messages and documents are stored. When homeowners can easily find information, it saves hours of back and forth over email with HOA Board Members or HOA management company administrators.

5. Build A Safe, Secure Neighborhood Network:

With Bondle you can send messages about important topics like home sales, new construction projects, upcoming meetings, and events or even urgent alerts in case of emergency situations such as severe weather warnings or evacuations with just one click. You can also use Bondle to create a private social network where HOA members share photos and post recommendations for local services such as plumbers or landscapers.  There are no ads served as user privacy and data security are two of the cornerstones of the Bondle platform.

HOAs are often bogged down by the effort and cost of managing communications. Bondle makes it so much easier by seamlessly connecting HOA Board Members, homeowners, and administrators!

According to Kailesh, who has been using Bondle to manage his HOA Board matters “I am really realizing right now that it drives efficiency for us in that having this one to one communication between home and the management company, there is an audit trail that is completely safe and secure and there is no loss of information so we can drive to the actions a lot faster.”

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