Is your business suffering due to email overload?

Are important contracts and documents getting lost?

Is your team finding it difficult to keep up to date with the workflow, causing crucial action items to get missed?

Our research shows that inefficiency and lack of response frustrate both teams and customers alike.  If you nodded YES to any (or all) of the above, now may be a good time for your organisation to implement a business interactions platform!

In this article, we look at the top 5 reasons how your business can benefit from a highly reliable and comprehensive interactions application.

1. Provide a reliable interactions platform for your team

Using a state of the art, business interactions app allows reliable sharing between team members. You can share web links or upload documents straight into a stream or begin a brand-new conversation, making communication easier. Losing time from needless conference calls, meetings, and emails means more frustration and less efficiency for your team. A business interactions app will decrease the time your managers are focused on leading discussions, responding to coworker’s inquiries, and so on.

With a business interactions app, you can access current and relevant information from anywhere, highlight the items relevant to you, and receive real-time updates when required. Bondle was designed to manage business-critical interactions across all teams and keep discussions, decisions, and documents at your fingertips.

2. Your business needs one central place for all interactions

Task monitoring can be a huge problem when cooperation is needed across several channels. Having everything in one location enables you to create a central hub, permitting you to remain focused on what’s happening and arrange tasks accordingly. Multiple tasks across multiple platforms increases liability for individual jobs as staff members need to update supervisors. In a fully transparent centralised hub, every user can understand and communicate tasks and intentions.

Bondle offers an adaptable and transparent system for fulfilling the demands of your team. Our mission is to make your crucial interactions effortless, clear, and concise in one central and easy to access place, allowing all team members to focus their time and energy on what really matters.

3. Cut through the multitude of options of business communication apps and use the best app for the job

Thanks to modern technology, there is a wide range of applications, cloud services, and devices being used by companies today. As new technologies are created and become more widely used, the total number of apps will only increase. This means a great deal of time can be wasted searching through white papers, quotes, or sales calls.

Using one app can help your team connect and interact on their own time. Employees can set do not disturb notifications when they are out of the office and leave notes for associates when they return to work. Additionally, team members can respond to messages in a secure environment even when on the go.

Bondle consolidates many applications such as Emails, chat apps, drives & task managers into one platform, keeping all of your communications in one secure, easy to navigate place. Our revolutionary interaction app enables your team to communicate, collaborate, and optimise efficiency driving confidence.

4. Boost team engagement and efficiency with a reliable solution

Email is often the most used form of communication for most businesses. Unfortunately, email has many issues. We’ve all experienced the results of this disconnect – overflowing inboxes, buried messages, lost documents, forgotten cc’s, and other business email problems. For all of these reasons, email doesn’t consider engagement or efficiency. It offers a poor system of record and can feel overwhelming. It isn’t email’s fault; it just wasn’t designed for multiple stakeholders or to handle the intricacies of relationship-based work environments.

It’s time for your team to eliminate the frustrations! Bondle offers a comprehensive system of record, increased transparent accountability, and seamless onboarding to enable enhanced productivity and efficiency across your entire organisation. With Bondle, you’ll never lose track of documents or tasks. Everyone will be held accountable for their pieces of your business puzzle with a concrete and auditable system of record saving you money and reputation.

5. Your business and your employees are transitioning to remote work environments

The traditional office space is changing. As COVID-19 has taken most people out of the physical office space, businesses must adapt to a mobile and remote workspace. With this change, employees are also enjoying the remote lifestyle. This is the ideal time for your team to work with a business interactions app.

Bondle ensures that you can keep all your employees connected by promoting efficient interactions, sharing ideas and documents and tracking task management all in one place, bringing peace of mind when it comes to managing business-critical interactions. Our interactions app builds trust, guarantees security and privacy, and creates a permanent record of truth for your business. These are particularly important when driving accountability and transparency across all teams, ensuring nothing is lost when it comes to profits and reputation.

In summary

Imagine if you could stay on top of all your accountabilities in your company’s network. Now imagine that level of interaction is all in one completely secure and easy to manage space that is fully auditable and transparent. It’s a business dream come true – that’s Bondle.

How you choose to use technology in the workplace can either undermine your business and create confusion, inefficiency and security risks, or it can bridge the gap of chaos in one secure and transparent workspace. If it’s critical to your business, then share it on Bondle and experience the interactions revolution.