I love my kids. I love the sweet kisses they give me when I wake them up and the hugs that they give me when they go to sleep. That helps me manage through the middle-day issues, nappy changing and ‘creative expression’ where they rub their gooey chocolate hands all over the walls.

So I know firsthand that childcare is a very demanding profession. Childcare professionals love my kids too and want to devote their time to the children, but there are other parts of the job that are less rewarding. Beyond watching and caring for children, they have to do a lot of planning, paperwork and other administrative tasks. Since a lot of this can’t be done while the children are present, they need to spend the time after the kids are gone on administration. Getting more help isn’t possible as Australia already has a staff shortage in the childcare sector.

When I drop my kids off at the Early Learning Centre, I am impressed and humbled by the devotion and work ethic of these professionals. They want to give these kids the best possible experience, but the tools they have make the job far more difficult than it needs to be.

That’s where Bondle can help.

1.   Juggling Multiple Apps

At the end of long days, childcare professionals need to juggle multiple apps to get their planning and paperwork done. They have various different tools, apps and pieces of paper to track documents, share rosters, plan for the week and update policies. Bondle can manage all of this in a single app. It can also facilitate communication securely between workers and management even when people have different software platforms or devices.

Current platforms like email, text, calls and shared drives create a complicated and insecure mix of tools, especially if the centre uses ‘free apps’. Bondle offers read receipts, file sharing, splitting up conversations by topic, built-in task management and more all in one app that is secure and values your privacy.

2.   Worker Satisfaction

Bondle is the best way to simplify the Early Learning Centre workplace and let professionals focus on children. The Australian childcare sector is a hard place to work. Unclear tasks and unnecessary tracking makes it even more difficult. One of the avenues to improve the staff experience is by allowing workers to assign tasks and let them track their progress in real time. Bondle makes managing a centre more convenient and keeps workers happier.  Clients exude enthusiastically that they get back about 1-2 hours a week after having implemented Bondle to spend more time on the children or with their loved ones.

3.   Sharing Rosters

Bondle allows for effective sharing of rosters to ensure for effective staffing of employees. Roster shares are extremely important to keep a business fully staffed. However, many businesses still depend on roster shares that are just printed out sheets that get posted on the wall. This can make it extremely challenging for workers to check their schedule on their off day, potentially requiring them to contact a coworker who’s busy with children just to have them check the schedule. With Bondle, management can just upload a Word, Excel or Google doc that can be accessed by workers anytime, anywhere from their mobile phone! This can alleviate any confusion on who’s staffed to work on what days since childcare is a field where workers rotate their schedules.

4.   Policy Management

Bondle can also assist with managing policies. Most childcare centres still use paper copies to manage their policies but these are inaccessible to anybody who isn’t onsite. These papers can also be misplaced or lost. Bondle allows workers to access these policies anytime. And, for any audits, Bondle keeps up with who looked at the policies and when they did so.

Those working in administration have complained that they are struggling to keep track of all the required regulatory reporting. Documents can be stored in Bondle that relate to regulations. Bondle can also be used to manage tasks, reminding administrators that they need to submit reports when they are due and other tasks they’ll need to complete before those due dates.

Bondle is the Best Platform for Early Learning Centres

Early learning professionals want to spend more time focusing on children and less time on administration. The current set of multiple apps makes it difficult to effectively share rosters and keep up with policies. Bondle makes it simpler to manage these early learning centres and create a more productive and streamlined workplace, leading to greater employee satisfaction. Many early learning centres across Australia are already seeing the superior benefits of Bondle. Contact us today and see how Bondle can create a more productive and pleasurable workplace.