Have you ever been so far behind on your emails, particularly after that nice long break, that you thought it would be almost impossible to catch up? What about being in an environment where confusing and contradictory communication had half of your coworkers thinking you were implementing Plan A while the other half thought the team was definitely implementing Plan B? These are issues that we deal with all the time. Well, not these exact issues but you get the point. There are many risks inherent in business communication that can cripple productivity, but they can be avoided with the right tools, such as Bondle.

Drowning in Emails, Send Help!

Haven’t we all been involved in multiple projects and felt like we were drowning in meetings and emails? You are losing out on precious time at work where you could actually be, well, working. We’ve all been there and know spending over an hour wading through CC chains isn’t the most efficient use of our time. And we all know the dread of seeing an unusually high unread email count when we log in for work in the morning. This can lead to missed information, misunderstandings or even critical delays.

Bondle, a platform for business communications, was created to keep these messages available at your fingertips. By organizing your work into meaningful conversations, Bondle pulls you out of the sea of unread emails. Bondle also gives you immediate access to the latest version of any documents available instead of digging through emails or other document storage solutions. The quicker turnaround not only saves time but also helps build your relationship with both coworkers and clients.

He Said, She Said You Could Meet This Deadline. Now Our Whole Business Is Riding on It…

Indirect communication is the single greatest way to sow chaos and confusion. Not just in business, but also in personal matters as well. The very scientifically sound and often cited children’s game Telephone has proven this: grab a group of people and give the first person a message. Let them pass it to the next. And so on and so on. At the end ask the last person what the message is. In 99.9% of games played, the message is so far off from what it was supposed to be that it is downright comical. The message could start as “Get the report done by 4 pm” and end up being “I found God tonight in this Chilis” at the end of the game.

This happens in business communication as well. Asking someone else, especially someone who knows someone who knows someone who works on the project instead of a colleague that is directly involved is a recipe for disaster.

The solution, of course, is to engage in a direct conversation when possible. This prevents misunderstandings formed by someone not accurately remembering how the information was communicated to them. It also keeps the office gossip from misrepresenting deadlines or objectives as well. But direct conversation isn’t always possible or an efficient use of time. This is where Bondle truly shines as an asynchronous business communication platform. You can trace things back to see why a project started initially by going back to the source, who initiated the logo change to the new weird one that everyone hates and clear up any confusion on whether or not we are implementing Plan A. Thank goodness Bondle debunked that rumor!

Communication is important and vital to every business. But without clear and concise communication, you can lose money, time, relationships and sometimes even lives, depending on the industry. And still, business communication continues to be wildly overlooked as a potential risk. Businesses must see communication as both a risk and an opportunity to not only improve productivity but also morale for all in the workplace. Bondle does this and much more for businesses such as yours.