Over the past two years, we’ve been struck by a pandemic that has significantly impacted all levels of our society. Shelter-in-place orders placed by COVID-19 resulted in unprecedented change and a drastic shift in everyday operations for almost all homeowners associations (HOAs) and homeowners.

While the lasting severity of COVID-19 is uncertain, it’s clear that it will affect how we function and interact. As organizations grapple with these new challenges, many leaders are asking whether they need to change how they work — or whether they need to adapt to new ways of operating their businesses.

In a Pew Study released at the end of 2020, 71% of the respondents worked from home due to COVID-19. And, that trend has not changed too much since the study was released.

The pandemic has forced the HOA board to reevaluate how they provide for their homeowners and deliver a new level of customer service unmatched in the industry. In addition, people spend more time in the confines of their houses, and the HOA management companies have directly felt this increase in time spent at home.

What other ways have HOAs felt the effects of COVID-19 in their communities?

How will that play a part in budgets and services?

What does this mean for the future of the HOA Board?

Keep reading to learn more.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the HOA Board and HOA Communication in 2021:

Relationships and HOA communication have shifted drastically over the last two years.

No matter how hard we have tried to coordinate events with our families or communities, it has been challenging to follow through with something safe for everyone. And because of this, most of the events that have been planned over the last two years have been postponed. Or, even worse, the events have had to be cancelled.

For HOA communication, this is an unfortunate circumstance of COVID-19. When events can no longer happen, it leads to a decrease in overall engagement with homeowners. And this lack of attention means that HOAs must work harder to communicate effectively and authentically with their homeowners.

As working from home becomes the norm, each HOA Board will need to plan their budgets accordingly.

The long-term effects of COVID-19 are hard to predict for any industry and it is no different for each HOA Board.

With people spending more time at home, one can expect the use of specific components managed by the community will wear quicker than expected. Therefore, systems like electrical, heating, pools, etc., may need maintenance or repair before the previously “normal” cycle.  Due to these potential increases, it is essential to review and possibly reallocate the budget where necessary to prepare for the upcoming seasons.

There is also a need for homeowners to report issues as they arise and for them to be tracked and fixed quickly.  By focusing on streamlining and strengthening your HOA communication, your homeowners can report issues faster. You can solve problems before they become major issues that require serious investment from the budget.  Bondle provides the perfect platform to track issues reported and to keep homeowners appraised on the progress.  It also allows you to store relevant documentation that could be handy in case of warranty claims in the years to come.


As COVID-19 continues to develop and variant cases rise, it is difficult to predict what this pandemic will bring for any business or industry in the US, including HOAs.

As HOAs, it is essential to remain connected as a unified Board, together with your homeowners. With the increased time spent at home, facilities and community components may need attention before the budget initially planned. Get ahead of these potential issues and make changes now.

With Bondle, you can streamline HOA communication, bring transparency, and enhance productivity for your HOA Board, management and homeowners.

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