Bondle is an online platform designed to transform the way businesses communicate.  Over the past few months, we have been working with different businesses in the Childcare and Education sectors delivering significant benefits. This is evident in the way excited clients are readily espousing the benefits Bondle has delivered to their businesses

Paul Ludlow, Owner and Operator of Explore & Develop Castlereagh Street Childcare centre, in Sydney’s CBD said, ‘Everything is in one place, all of the educators know where to find what they need. I’m not chasing people. If I want someone to do an observation on a child, I set them a task list and Bondle does the rest. I don’t need to chase and everything is there for them, so a lot of time is saved by using Bondle.’

‘I’d say I probably save around 2-3 hours per week by using the tool and because it’s the one source of the truth in our centre; it cuts through any ambiguity around scheduling or rostering which save time and creates clarity for everyone.’

Literacy learning centres are also seeing the benefits of Bondle. Hiten Thakrar, General Manager of the I Can Read System, explains, ‘I started as General Manager about a year ago and what I noticed then was a disconnect between the centres’ administration and the teachers. The centres are open 6 to 7 days per week, but teachers and admin are not always in at the same time. So, there were notes, post-it notes, stickers, text messages, emails, and all sorts of communication. My biggest question when I started was, how do you know what everyone is doing? And, how do you not drop the ball with classes and children?’

‘After discovering Bondle we were able to bring all forms of communication both electronic and paper into one place. This now essential tool turned something that was quite chaotic into a live and convenient link between our teachers and our administrators reducing the overall risk exposure of the organisation and providing a secure structure for service delivery to our students.’

How it all began

After dropping my child off at daycare one morning, I saw an opportunity to really make a difference in this vital industry. I couldn’t help but notice the inefficiencies caused by extensive records and the depth of paper-based communication required in a childcare centre.

The level of administration and document management to care for kids is huge, from monitoring child safety concerns such as allergies to policy communications, staff rosters and communicating challenges from one shift to the next. It’s all paper-based. This takes the carers away from their most important role- caring for kids.

This is a national challenge

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in a 2019 survey that looked at barriers and incentives to the labour force in Australia, ‘financial assistance with childcare costs’ was the highest-rated response (49% rated this ‘very important’) in terms of participation in the labour market.[1]This implies centres are struggling to cope with the cost of doing business and care deeply about ways to handle more children with the same number of staff.

As a nation, it is critical that we work on systems and processes that help our childcare service providers to reduce costs and keep fees low to keep productivity high.

Childcare costs underpin our ability to participate in the success of our economy and creating efficiencies in the childcare sector is something that we are really proud to have achieved with Bondle. We also know that Bondle can cut through communication challenges in a host of other industries and sectors that we have yet to explore.

 I am passionate about driving efficiencies and simplifying the lives of people who work in small businesses such as Early Education and Childcare. I knew Bondle could not only provide a productivity boost but also reduce the cost of running the business.