This release has been 10 months in the making and we are really excited to share the new changes to Bondle. Here is a brief video outlining the major changes

The changes introduced are grouped under these three sections

1. Introducing the Bondle-Email Bridge (BEB)

The Bondle Email bridge is a built-in functionality that allows you to communicate with people who are on emails.  In its simplest form the bridge works as follows:

  • When you send a message through Bondle they will receive it as an email
  • When they reply to it via email, the content will be extracted and inserted into that precise conversation
  • When you load a document, it sends it out as a secure link (We still track if they have accessed it via Audit History)
  • If they send you a document attachment in an email, we extract it and load it into the Documents section

All of this is fully automated, and you will be able to seamlessly interact with anybody, on any email… from within the comforts of Bondle.

 In order to bring this to life, there are many new aspects that have been introduced as outlined in a separate post that can be accessed here.

2. Conversation Purpose

Every conversation now has a separate section to define its purpose.  The owner can define this either while creating the conversation or at any time by accessing the pen icon next to the conversation title in the header

3. A New User Interface

We have upgraded the look-and-feel of the Bondle web version.  Some of the key changes are:

1.  A new left menu bar that hosts a series of functionalities including a dedicated area for support and notification conversations

2. A revised right menu bar under each conversation with clear text for each menu item

3. Long messages in the activities feed will now be kept to a max of 10 lines with the option to “show more”

4. An enhanced profile page that now includes important settings such as:

a. Email signature (for PRO and Company license holders)

b. Enabling / Disabling of the functionality to receive emails for activities

5. We have also increased the number of topics in each conversation from 10 to 25

In addition to this, we have tweaked many user interface elements to provide a better experience for you. 

As usual, we would be delighted to receive your feedback about these feature upgrades.