It’s an exciting day for Bondle and for our many customers. Today, we announced new features and enhancements that help make Bondle your ideal partner for professional client engagement. As always, if you’d like a personalized tour of Bondle, please contact us. Let’s dive in and see what’s new!

Process Templates Translated into Tasks and Milestones

Most businesses have processes or workflows that they follow. For example, in financial services, there are multiple steps when working with a client who’s applying for a mortgage. These processes generally repeat across different clients, but with slight customisations to suit the case. Many people use task lists to ensure all parts of the process are followed. Unfortunately, it can be quite frustrating to create the same set of individual tasks for each client. Introducing: Templates! You can now create templates of tasks, broken up into milestones, and use these for as many clients as you like (internally with your team, externally with clients, or both). Just head to the Workflows tab in Bondle to create a new template. Then, in the future, apply the template as is to new clients, or tweak it as needed on a case by case basis. No more frustration and no more repetition! You will love the following features we’ve built into templates:
  • Milestones – You can break up your task list into groups, called Milestones. This makes tracking progress for major components of your process or workflow easier. For example, in the case of a mortgage application, a milestone could be “Collect all materials from applicant” with obtaining individual documents listed as tasks within the milestone.
  • Template Status – Each template can have a status of Draft, Published or Archived. Keep your Templates in Draft mode until you have fine tuned it and then Publish it when ready. Once Published, you cannot edit the underlying tasks. Only Published templates can be applied to a conversation. Finally, Archive a template if you don’t need it anymore or you need to create a new version of the existing template.
  • Select an Assignee – Each task in a template can be assigned to someone for action. You can set a task to assign to the owner of the conversation automatically when the template is used, or you can leave tasks unassigned.
Task templates in Bondle client engagement platform

Activity Dashboard

Your new Bondle landing page is a handy dashboard of all the things that need your attention. Here’s what you can expect to see the next time you log in:
  • Activity feed – This digest provides you with a chronological view of all the activities that have happened in your conversations. You can click on individual conversation names to navigate through to the actual conversation.
  • Tasks Due section is broken up into two parts:
    • My Tasks – This is the number of tasks that have been assigned to you and are due today or are overdue
    • Others’ Tasks – This is the number of tasks that have been created by you, assigned to others and are due today or are overdue
  • Follow up conversations – This is the number of conversations that have been inactive for 30 days or more, and perhaps need you to follow up on them (or close them).
  • Pending Invitations – This is the number of invitations that you have sent out, but that have not yet been accepted.
Dashboard of Bondle client engagement platform

Enhanced Task Management

Based on popular demand from our users, we’ve made several improvements to tasks in general.
  • Priority – Assign priorities to help you manage the workload. The priorities available are: Low, Medium, High & Urgent
  • Task Notes – You can now comment on individual tasks. Use this feature to elaborate on the task, ask for clarifications, negotiate due date, etc.
  • Milestones – You can now group multiple tasks into milestones. This makes organizing a long task list much easier. Some notes on this feature:
    • If you apply a template to a conversation, the corresponding milestones and tasks will be copied to the conversation.  
    • The owner of the conversation can now Start and Stop a milestone.  
    • Tasks within a milestone can be marked as being complete only if the milestone has been actually been started.  
    • You can reopen a milestone once it has been closed, should you need to make changes to some of the underlying tasks.  
    • New tasks can be added either within or outside the milestone, even if you used a template to create the task and milestone list in the first place.

Improved Conversation Management

Last but not least, conversations that are no longer active can be marked as Closed. This ensures there are no more changes to the conversation. However, all participants of the closed conversation can continue to access all the associated elements, including documents, audit history, etc. Closed conversations can be viewed in the new tab, marked “Closed.” The conversation owner can reopen a conversation at any time.

Try the New Bondle Features

If you use Bondle already, you know that it’s a great way to organize your client relationships. With the enhancements we just launched, we’re confident that your team will become even more effective. Please log in and try the new features. And please contact us to give us your feedback – we’d love to hear what you think of Bondle! Thank you for your support!