Bondle announces the introduction of two new features to kick start 2018. Sandeep Rao, CEO Bondle says “As a leading client engagement platform, we are committed to introducing innovative features that provide an exceptional user experience”.

The recent product upgrade brings to life, among other enhancements, two features that are unique to the Bondle platform.

Introducing Topics for Your Messages

Isn’t it frustrating when messages regarding different discussions crisscross within a single conversation? Now, you can assign meaningful topics to messages within Bondle. Just select a message and assign a relevant topic to it. When other users reply to the message the topic thread continues within the conversation. You can now have topics such as “Financial documents”, “Product releasee”, “Marketing campaign”,  etc. within a single conversation.

Bondle Assign Topics

With ten topics per conversation, you will have elegantly colour coded message threads to structure your discussions. This is part of our free plan and will remain so – give it a go!

No more “unread messages”

Yes, we all do it and it is supposed to help us come back to an important-but-not-urgent matter. However, in reality the pile of “unread messages / emails” just pile up. Bondle allows you to create a task from a message with just two clicks. Simply select the “Create Task” option that is available on any message.

Create Tasks

The Bondle Task management module provides timely reminders when items are due, ensuring tasks don’t fall through the cracks. You will always stay on top of what needs to be done.

About Bondle

Bondle is a new generation Client Engagement Tool that creates an environment of No Confusion while executing complex transactions and thereby delighting clients.

You can sign up at or just download the latest Bondle app on your iPhone or Android devices.