Today, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to the Bondle web version.  With this release, we are introducing two major features that have been in the works for a few months:

1. You will be able to organise your conversations into meaningful groups through our new tagging feature.

2. You can search for conversations based on participants, tags or the conversation title

In addition to this, we have streamlined the application for overall performance and usability.

Overview of Conversation Tagging

 A Tag is a means of associating conversations with an attribute.  Sample Tags are – Finance, Gold Clients, Important, Internal, Life Insurance.

1. You can now assign one more tag to any conversation

2. A new view of the conversations – The Tag View has been introduced

   a. You can toggle between the list view and the tag view

   b. The List View – This is the historical view where conversations are listed by the most recent activity

   c. The Tag View – This is the new view that groups conversations under a tag

      i) Tags are listed in alphabetical order

      ii) The number next to the tag name indicates the number of conversations that contain this tag

      iii) If a conversation has multiple tags, it will appear under each of those individual tags

      iv) If any conversation under a tag has an unread activity (activities), the corresponding number (aggregated) will be displayed in a red circle to the right of the tag

3. You can choose the view that you prefer (Recent activity or Tag) as your default view. The system will load this view for you every time you log into the system

4. Tag Creation

   a. There are two ways by which you can create a tag

      i) Create a Tag button – You can create a new tag or multiple tags (comma separated) and assign conversations to this tag set

      ii) Add Tags – This option is available under every conversation title. Tags added here are directly applied to the conversation

5. Edit / Delete Tag

   a. In the Tag View, you can edit or delete any tag using the “xxx” or “xxx” icons

6. Conversations with no tags

   a. Initially, all your conversations will be grouped in this section

   b. As you add tags to the conversations, they will find home in the appropriate group

   c. All new invitations will be available in this section as well

7. Please note that Tags are visible only to you and not to anyone else. Tag management does not affect Audit History in any manner.

Overview of Enhanced Search

With this release, you can now use the search box to search for conversations through any one or all of the following attributes
  1. Search by conversation title – This is the existing search that allows you to search by any phrase in the conversation title
  2. Search by participant – You can search for a participant by starting the search with the symbol @. As you type a few letters, the system will display a list of all participants that match that email id (NOT user name).
  3. Search by tag – You can also search for conversations based on the tags by starting the search with the symbol #. Again, as you type the first few letters, the system will provide you with a list of all tags that match the letters.
You can use a combination of all of the attributed above to fine-tune your search.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the two major features described above, the following enhancements have been made to the application 1. Changes to Closed conversations display a. You can still close any conversation as in the past b. However, Closed conversations used to be displayed in a separate tab in the past and are now visible on both the list and tag view by default, marked clearly by a lock symbol c. You can use the controls under the extended search menu (three dots) to filter only for Active or Closed conversations 2. Enhancement to Broadcast Group creation a. While creating / managing conversations in a Broadcast group, you can now search by participant and/or tag b. When you have selected the set of conversations that should belong to this group, use the SELECT ALL option to mass include them into the group c. Please note that the Broadcast feature has been move to the left navigation along with My Tasks, My Drive, etc., 3. The mobile apps are not affected by this release and will function as in the past. The apps on iOS and Android will be upgraded shortly