We know that asynchronous work leads to greater productivity and engagement as described in our previous article. Email, fondly known as the cockroach of the Internet era, is the most popular tool for asynchronous work. As the technology evolved, so have the alternative tools that leverage the benefits of Emails while addressing their shortcomings.  Bondle is one such tool that is purpose built for business-critical communications while providing businesses with peace of mind as outlined in this article.  

People Love and Hate Email

As we wrote about earlier, there are many reasons to love email –  free, cheap, easy to learn, and everyone has it. All your messages and attachments are stored (unless you or your company delete them) in a single place so you can dig through your archives to find that key document. Email is one of the earliest systems on the internet – it’s tried and trusted and people are comfortable with it. For these reasons, many people use email for their asynchronous communication. 

However, that’s where it’s benefits stop.  Email has outlived its shelf life.  There are many applications that are slowly chipping away at the relevance of Emails.  We see this most clearly in chat applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat and the likes that have completely replaced taken over personal communication.  Slack, MS Teams, and others are slowly replacing internal / team oriented communications emails.  However, for official, external communication the world still relies on the email.  We need something better that retains all the benefits of asynchronous communications but addresses its shortcomings.

Say Hello to Bondle!

Bondle is committed to the cause of providing the best platform for your business-critical communications in an asynchronous manner. But asynchronous work is about more than sending messages. It’s about organizing your thoughts, conversations, and documents to get things done. Bondle takes the benefits of email and supercharges them, creating the world’s best platform for asynchronous work.

In particular, we highlight the five specific reasons where Bondle has built upon the shoulders of Email…

1. Finding the Latest Document: You’re ready to present the final version of the document. So you search for your email and find something labeled “final”, which you assume is the final, client ready versation. Little did you know that the document has been updated on another thread, with the title “final version 4.” There’s no good way of finding the latest version squirreled away in someone’s inbox. With Bondle version control, we store all copies of documents together so you (and all others involved) can easily find the  most recent version of any document. 

2. Getting Up to Speed. What happens when a new person joins the team? Or there’s an important meeting and you didn’t have time to prepare? How do you get up to speed? With email you need to search through all of your different email threads related to the topic. With Bondle, we have all of your conversations and documents on a specific topic together, so you have exactly what you need to get up to speed at your fingertips.

3. Preserving Company Knowledge. What do you do when someone leaves your company? With email, you hope that someone else was copied on the emails or has access to files on the shared drive, which you hope are up to date. With Bondle, you have an organized set of conversations on each topic and can remove the existing person and add the new person to all the relevant conversations.  This not only preserves your company knowledge but also allows for an easy transition for your clients.

4. Controlling the Conversation. Because email is the catch-all for all communication, it’s a mixture of conversations, work products, marketing messages… basically everything including the kitchen sink. Bondle separates the important work that you do from the SPAM, marketing, and other emails that aren’t related to your work. Bondle is a permissioned platform where you choose who to interact with and on which topic. Nobody can reach you without your permission making it a zen place for your work.

5. Organizing the World. Email’s not a great tool for organizing things. While folders can help, it’s not an organizational tool. This becomes increasingly important as you have more conversations, clients, and groups. Bondle provides you with all the tools you need to organize your conversations. By default we organize your information into specific channels which have subjects and collaborators. You can also add tags to group similar conversations together. 

Bondle is a platform built for managing business critical communication that’s an order of magnitude better than our closest rival, email. It  allows you to structure your work relationships into meaningful conversations and provides easy access to critical assets delivering a trusted source for all your key interactions. It becomes the permanent system of record for your corporate knowledge. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more.