When my daughter was at preschool, I had to look in multiple places for information about my child or what the kids were up to that week. There was a binder with a document pouch assigned to my daughter that held documents I needed to complete and sign, a bulletin board that had current events happening at the centre, and the constant ping of text messages with centre alerts; nothing was easy to find. The teachers and carers were all very attentive and effective with the children, but the constant chaos created time inefficiencies and communication fatigue.

When I spoke to my friends, it turns out they had similar issues. I was glad that it was not just me!

I then decided to talk to a few of the educators and realised that two of the biggest challenges faced by ELC educators on a daily basis are time management and communication volume. These two challenges represent the cornerstones of how a centre operates and in many ways are inextricably linked. Losing valuable hours in the day from juggling too many ways to communicate (messaging apps, paper notes around the centre, too many notices to parents) create inefficiencies between your staff and undermine the trust between you and your parents.

It wasn’t just communication between the centre and all the parents that caused frustration. Dialogue between staff as they changed shifts was rushed and important messages were missed. Did Billy have a good nap? If not, he could be irritable and need extra support that required another carer in the nursery room. Why does Chloe have a Band-Aid on her knee? Did she fall and if so, where is the incident report? Did anyone alert her parents? Just thinking of all the ways you get behind or have to switch gears mid-stream during the day can be really demotivating to both parents and staff.

Enter Bondle!

Bondle is a secure platform that keeps all your communications, documents, to-do lists, and tasks in one place. No more lost messages and reports or missed changes in staff rostering. All interactions happen in transparent real-time between you, your staff, and your parents, saving your centre precious time without the annoying repetition. And with the innovative Broadcast feature you can simultaneously share anything a great time saver when disseminating the same information to your centre or your parents at the same time, like a centre policy change or the details of parent-teacher meetings. Importantly, it does so in a personal, 1-on-1 conversation with the parent and not a melee of all parents chatting on the platform

Bondle also provides an invaluable audit feature a permanent record of everything discusseddelivering full transparency and confidence to everyone you communicate with. Think of it as a digital paper trail where everyone knows where they fit in the ELC puzzle, holding them accountable for their tasks and communications. Nothing is missed and there’s no confusion as to when parents are updated or when policies change. Staff accountability leads to empowerment which leads to more comprehensive care and better communication with the parents.

Now imagine all this AND gaining 1-2 hours per week back from the chaos! Added up, this time saving creates more productivity, leading to more time spent doing what you love caring for and teaching the children. Never miss that light bulb moment of seeing a child learn the alphabet song or share in their pride as they build a road in the sandpit for the toy cars. These are the moments you enjoy being a force for learning in the young minds of children. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more present in their achievements instead of digging your way out of paperwork and lost messages? Join the Bondle revolution and do more of what you love today