The unique Bondle proposition and benefits


  • Frustrated trying to find documents scattered across emails, chat apps or document storage systems?
  • Hard to remember what was discussed and agreed upon (a few months ago)?
  • Struggling to keep a group of stakeholders up to speed on the progress of a project (other than just shooting emails?)

Then, Bondle is for YOU!

What is Bondle?

Bondle is a platform built for simplifying business communication with an embedded messaging, document and task management functionality.  Its most powerful feature is the Audit History that time stamps every key activity on the platform.

The fundamental unit within Bondle is a conversation – a group created for a specific purpose/topic.  Some examples of conversations are:

  • Relationship sales people managing agreements and document flows with the teams and clients: e.g. Corporate Services, Private Bankers
  • Principals (and advisors) working on a project together: e.g. M&A, Due Diligence, Crisis management
  • Professionals working with multiple clients needing to ensure up-to-date documentation: e.g. Financial Advisers, Migration Agents
  • Relationships with a need for transparency and audibility: e.g.Boards, Accounting firms, Legal practices, Finance advisors

How does Bondle work?

Bondle is accessible on web and via native mobile apps (Android and iOS).

On sign-up, simply start a conversation with anyone (or a group) by using their email id(s).  Each participant receives an email invitation to join the conversation on Bondle. You can start collaborating with them once they join.

It’s that easy.

Bondle Benefits

Our customers have outlined some of the benefits they have experienced as summarised below.

  • Saving money and time by having all important conversations on one platform
  • Ability to connect with anybody inside or outside their email domain
  • Reduced frustration by not needing to search long email chains or wade through SPAM
  • Ease with which all stakeholders can find the latest version of documents and stay up to date
  • Enhanced governance with the audit function that allows them to see who accessed documents and when

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