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A single platform that replaces emails, messaging apps, document storage and task management tools for your special interactions.

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What is Bondle?

Bondle is a platform with built in group messaging, document and task management knit-together.

Our Audit History functionality time stamps every key activity on the platform, providing transparency and accountability.

Who is Bondle suited for?

Bondle is great for people engaged in long-term relationships that is document and/or task intensive and needs to be auditable.

  • Corporate Services, Boards, Accounting firms, Legal practitioners
  • M&A specialists, Due Diligence and Crisis management teams
  • Financial Advisers, Migration Agents, Mortgage Brokers
  • Charities, Early Education Centres & Aged Care Centres

How does Bondle work?

Bondle is accessible on web and via native mobile apps (Android and iOS).

On sign-up, simply start a conversation with anyone (or a group) by using their email id(s).  

It’s that easy.

Bondle Benefits

Our customers have outlined some of the benefits they have experienced:

  • Saves time and money by having all important conversations on one platform
  • Reduced frustration by eliminating the need to search long email chains or wade through SPAM
  • Increased Productivity as multiple stakeholders can be updated effortlessly
  • Enhanced governance with the audit function that allows users to see who accessed documents and when

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