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Relationships are Bonds. A bundle of bonds, is therefore a bundle of Relationships; We call this bundle of Bonds, a Bondle. Bonds we form when we connect, interact, and build trusted relationships with the important people around us.

Emails, messaging and so many other applications do nothing to create a shared sense of purpose and transparency. None of those systems makes the reader feel special! Informed, yes; empowered, maybe; but rarely special. What’s more, the balance of our individual, professional, personal, social, and purposeful lives has been tested like never before, and having a way to prioritise our relationships takes careful consideration.

We aim to make software that respects the balance of all these aspects of your relationships and delivers a way for you to navigate your various worlds while helping you to create simple, efficient, and transparent connections.

Established in 2018, our team is now located worldwide and aspires to deliver on our values of exceptional customer service, technical innovation, trust, and transparency.

Team Bondle!

"I have been a part of this company as an advisor, a board director, and now as Executive Director. I am also a director and advisor for a number of other unrelated businesses and have various personal interests that need keeping on top of. As such I have a very practical appreciation for the problems Bondle solves. Namely to help me manage all my different interactions.

I am very proud to be part of the Bondle team. Our work to deliver innovation in how humans connect is very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing how these innovations benefit our customers."

David Aston
Chief executive officer

Team Bondle!

We have Bondle specialists around the world waiting and ready to bring Bondle to your company, business, and/or venture. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and they are dedicated to showing you a more organized, productive world.

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Amancio Ojeda Saavedra

LATAM Sales Manager


Ana Cardozo

Business Development Manager
LATAM Region


Jessy Barreto

Business Development Manager
Europe Region


Somrwita Guha

Bondle Associate

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Bondle Partner


Beatriz Justinek

Global Head of Sales


Andrea Xolalpa

Program Office Coordinator

Engineering Team


Engineering Team